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Tips for a Great Thanksgiving

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year or going to visit
family. These 5 tips from the Chappelear Team are sure to have
you the happiest, fullest, and most thankful this this Thanksgiving.

1. Plan Ahead: This season passes by much to quickly and we don’t want to spend the day feeling stressful and frantic. Don’t frantically search the web for cooking times or recipes the morning of. This will only cause stress and rush, which both are never good for a holiday. Plan your dishes ahead of time including knowing the cooking times and temperatures for your recipes. If possible, prepare any dishes ahead of time. Such as salads or sides that are easily reheated the morning of the feast. Below is a link to easy make-ahead side dishes for Thanksgiving!

2. Make it Easy: Delegate, delegate, delegate. This is something hard for me to do, being the perfectionist, I am, but it is oh so helpful. Ask your guests to each bring a dish. Share the responsibility and ask for help. If you don’t feel like handwashing Aunt Martha’s china after dinner don’t be afraid to make it easy and go for the cute Thanksgiving paper plates. Less clean up, means more time with family! Below is a link to cute throw-away plates for your Thanksgiving!—Large/p/80825875

3. Make it Fun: Don’t forget the true meaning behind this holiday. While you’re gathered with friends and family make it fun by playing some games. My family are big game players and it’s a great way for us to all connect and share many, many laughs. A tradition for us on Thanksgiving is a family football game, we call it the Turkey Bowl. Thanksgiving BINGO is always a fun one to play too, while the food is cooking! Below is a link to a Thanksgiving Bingo printable!

4. Count Your Blessings: Remember, in the midst of the stress and bustle during this holiday season, Thanksgiving is a time for us to reflect on what we’re grateful for-in life and about one another. Take time during the meal to celebrate the many blessings in your life. Go around the table and have each person share the things they are most thankful for. This does your heart good as you can look back and really reflect on all your blessings.

5. Call Chappelear & Associates: When the dinner is over and you’re reflecting on the holiday, you may realize you’ll probably need a bigger kitchen for next year’s feast…Call Chappelear & Associates. We’ll list and have your home sold, and you in your double oven dream kitchen well before for next year’s holiday season!